Mallorca things to do

If you haven’t already, then we’re sure you will be spending the majority of your time over the next few weeks planning where to do on your summer vacation. Of course, this year, as in many previous years, the various Spanish islands are proving to be a popular choice. And none more so than the beautiful island of Mallorca. Mallorca happens to be a favourite vacation destination of ours, not only for the stunning weather and even more stunning natural beauty, but also for the array of things that there are to do once you get there. If Mallorca has been on your radar for a holiday but you have yet to pull the trigger, then allow us to brief you on why exactly it makes for the perfect spot.

1. Scuba Diving

Take advantage of the beautiful Mallorcan coastline by exploring what is underneath it. There is a fabulous scuba diving course based in Santa Ponsa. It lasts three hours and is suitable for all ages from 8 and above.

2. Boating And Snorkelling

You can spend an entire day on a six-person yacht sailing to the Port de Soller underground caves, a beautiful location for boating and snorkelling. The entire excursion lasts about eight hours and enables you to see some of the Mallorca sites that many tourists can’t often get to.

3. Hiking

It isn’t only the ocean and beautiful beaches that Mallorca has to offer; its inland sights are pretty extraordinary too. You can make the most of the Mallorcan landscapes with a glorious 6-day hike across the famous Tramuntana mountains. Make sure to take plenty of provisions along with you, as the temperatures can often soar!

4. Vespa Tour

If walking isn’t your thing, then why not tour Mallorca via Vespa? All you need to do is take a simple test and you can enjoy a gentle three hour long guided tour from Palma de Mallorca to Valldemossa, a journey that gives you a great slice of all of what the island has to offer.

5. Flyboard

If you’re looking for an activity that is really going to make your trip memorable, then look no further than flyboarding! Think skiing combined with futuristic style hover boarding and you are close to understanding! Located in Cala Nova, you can go on a 2-hour boat trip that trains you and then gives you 30 minutes of flyboarding fun to enjoy on your own. It’s a weird and wonderful feeling of soaring through the sky and then crashing in to the cool Mediterranean waters!

So, what are waiting for?

Whether you want to relax on the beach, hike in the mountains, explore secret caves, snorkel the shallows, or fly through the air, Mallorca is the island for you! Go ahead, get booking and you’ll be relaxing under the Spanish sun before you know it. You’ll have such a great time that the hardest part of the trip will be leaving!