Mallorca Weather

Mallorca is one of those rare holiday destinations that’s enjoyable in any season, with sunshine for an impressive 80% of the year. Temperatures range from cool and comfortable to steamy, so whether you prefer brisk, breezy walks or baking by the pool, there’s a perfect time for you to visit.

November to February – Cool and Peaceful

This is the Mallorca’s quietest season, so if you like a slower pace of life you can enjoy the scenery and lifestyle with much fewer people around. Flights are also at their most affordable at this time of year, so you can spend more money on enjoying yourself. Temperatures range fairly reliably between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius, so keep a cardigan or a light jacket with you for optimum comfort, and once January arrives, we recommend bringing an umbrella too in case of rain. Some years it’s still possible to swim in the sea into November, but anytime later than that, you’ll definitely want to stick to a heated pool.

If you visit in January or February, don’t miss the stunning sight of the almond blossom season, when flowering trees turn the landscape into a whirlwind of white.

March to May – Sunny and Fresh

From March onwards, the temperature begins to climb into the twenties. This is the ideal time for hiking, cycling or exploring, with plenty of sunny days as well as the occasional day of rain to cool everything down and enliven the vibrant plant life. By the latter half of this period, the weather is warm enough for beach or poolside days but not too hot for some gentle activity. Bring layers for cooler evenings, and don’t forget the sunscreen!

June to August – Hot and Tropical

By June, rainy days are tapering off, and by July and August you’ll see them disappear altogether. Temperatures are much higher, sometimes reaching the thirties, so this is a terrific time to plan a holiday lying on a sun lounger, with plenty of dips in the pool or the sea, depending on your preference. If you love lively socialising and a vibrant atmosphere this is a great time to visit, but make sure you keep cool by drinking lots of water, wearing loose, light clothing, and heading into the shade for a little while if you feel too hot.

September to October – Warm and Comfortable

If you love the beach but find the heat of the peak season a little too much, this is the right time to visit Mallorca. The water retains its summer warmth but the weather is a little cooler, going down to the comfortable mid-twenties. Rain tends to come in short, refreshing bursts, so bring a light waterproof just in case. The atmosphere is relaxed, as locals and longer-term visitors unwind after the buzzy excitement of the main tourist season.

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